Let’s partner to discover solutions together
Collaborative problem-solving and product implementation to fit your business needs
What would the perfect solution look like to you?
We’ve supported dozens of brokerage firms in a constantly moving industry — we make sure our clients are positioned to address changes proactively.
We’re experts in software solutions for trading platforms.
We’ve provided platforms for Alternative Investment processing, Trade Processing workflow, Wire Management, Security Master Management and various aspects of the clearing process. We’ve also worked with finance departments to provide platforms for broker compensation, loans, recruiting, and accounting. With our reporting experience, we’ve provided solutions for compliance reporting and analysis.
We ensure that our products comply with industry standards like FIX messaging and security standards like SAML, TLS 1.2, and more.
Our Products
We work with your internal team to integrate tools and products that support efficient and effective business workflows.
Internal Partnerships
We are accustomed to partnering with your business and corporate IT departments to understand and work towards internal goals. Our experience and process are structured to fit into your firm's structure, and we work on both sides of each project by acting as a liaison between business and IT. We are involved in both platform development and ongoing support, representing business needs while using our technical expertise to implement methods that work with our clients’ technology requirements.
  • Writing enhancement requests for our BlackBird platform on behalf of the business group
  • Representing the business and CRC UniT platform for technical and architecture reviews by client IT groups
Cohesive Systems
We routinely go through integration with client firms to connect to back office platforms for trade validation, trade processing and exception management. We also integrate between our own platforms to enhance automated workflows. We’ve partnered with other parties (such as UIT Sponsors) to integrate systems and data transfers that support a more holistic Straight Through Processing approach.
  • Integration of CRC's TradePort for trade execution, CRC's Trade Breaks for managing breaks associated with those trades, CRC's Trade Corrections for correcting breaks, and CRC's Trade Errors for processing order errors and assigning charges to identify sources of faults
  • Integration of CRC's TradePort in processing UIT Secondaries to provide a convenient way to book UITs outside of CRC's UniT
Specialized Tools
When it comes to custom solutions, CRC's approach to design and development is geared toward maintaining flexibility for data formats and integration points. We are accustomed to working with large data sets, defining efficient workflows and finding opportunities for automation. Our goal is to implement a broader Straight Through Processing approach that both fulfills and exceeds our clients' business needs.
  • Worked with custom FIX tags when non-standards were being used for trading information
  • Developed file format standards for pricing and product files in order to work with Sponsors for UITs
  • Provided services to clients for merger activities involving trading account and trade data migration, much of which involved custom work and required unique data auditing processes to be invoked